Brews and Reviews... and dick jokes.

The Enigma and Dan Crosier join Travis for beer and coffee at one of Denver's best kept secrets! Discussion points: HISTORY OF THE BEAN SOUP! WHY JAMES CAMERON SUCKS! THE SHADE OF CROSIER'S NETHER REGIONS! Enjoy. And don't hit me up about the audio... I know it sucks.

Comin' atcha from CRFT, baby! Trav and Tyson sip more new hoppy beverages!


Travis is joined by one half of the awesome "Pizza Bros. Podcast", Tyler Smart. Together they explore some amazing bites and a surprising beer selection at one of Tacoma's classic pubs.

Travis and Tyson meet at CRFT Beers in Auburn once again to sample some new shiz!

STRAIGHT OUTTA CRFT BEERS! Travis and Tyson try some tasty new beer from Iron Goat (Spokane) and 3 Magnets (Olympia). CHEERS!

What's the perfect compliment to metal and Satan? BEER!!! Travis heads to TRVE in Denver for their well-crafted brews and unique style. HAIL SATAN... er, HAIL BEER!!!

Playing around with some new equipment... and a new cider.

Travis is joined by Tyson at CRFT Beers in Auburn, WA to try a couple of interesting brews from Founders and Boneyard.

After climbing the treacherous peak that is setting up for the Denver Comic Con, Travis needs to set up base camp with some amazing and experimental brews from Denver's hidden gem!

OH GLORY!!! SO MANY BEERS!!! Travis and Danitra jump head first into the best beers that the state of Washington has to offer! It's a bit of long episode, but we did drink a shit ton of beer... ENJOY!

Travis and Dan jump face first into the fruity goodness of the Fremont district's premier cider house! GET SOME!!!

Travis likes his beer like he likes his wimmens... Thick. And dark. And flavored like mint. Today Travis drinks Southern Tier's "THICK MINT".

Join Travis and Tyson as they revel in beer from our neighbors to the south! VIVA LA TLB!!!

Travis tries the Fallen Friar from Bridgeport. And the crappy audio tries your patience. ENJOY!

Travis and James ring in the inevitable apocalypse by drinking beer. BIG. SHOCKER.

Tyson joins Travis as they try out Kitty Kat Blues from Black Raven and Oort from Ecliptic.


In case you didn't catch it, Travis really liked the Splinters by Black Raven.

Avast, ye swabbies! Get Shanghied by Travis and Ricky and sail the seas of beer! And if ye be lucky, you'll find me buried treasure. (Hint: it's in my pants)

Join Trav at the bar for a taste of that south of border chocolate... And then a fantastic beer.

Travis get simply luscious in this one... flossay flossay!

OH PUYALLUP MY PUYALLUP! Travis and Cassie go on a beer adventure of epic proportions... so many things to discuss: how beer can taste good, the biggest penis in the world, and E.T. porn. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE REAL.

NEW DIGS! NEW BEERS! Travis has a few at the world famous "Grindhouse"... and gets experimental with his drinking...

A quick little episode with some GREAT BIG beers! Okay, they're tiny flight beers... but BIG on taste! Okay... I'm just trying to make a dichotomy thing here. Gigantic. Big. Just shut up and watch the dumb video. Sheesh.

AVAST, YE SWABBIES! VIcky and Travis sail the high seas of Buoy Beer Co. in the search of chola eyebrows and tasty booty! Heh. Booty.

Long weeks call for good beer! Tyson and Travis down a few and get jiggy with it!

Travis and the lovely Vicky explore fine brews in the land of the Goonies... and talk way too much about butt stuff. Which is fitting... y'know... Pirates... Booty... OH YOU PEOPLE ARE NO FUN AT ALL! Incidentally, the videos Vicky talks about are here:

It's the beginning of a new era, fuck-o's! I'm going to start posting more of these little episodes of single beers that you can find and enjoy locally. You can see more episodes at

Travis and Aron get devilishly drunk to celebrate one of their favorite seasons... PUMPKIN BEER SEASON! Join them as they try the 2016 array from Uinta, Epic, Avery and more. It's so good, you'll BOO in your pants!

AVAST, YE SWABBIES!!! Travis is back from his impromptu hiatus... and he's sniffing out some new brews in the fragrant land of Tacoma. Join Travis and Mike for samples upon samples... and the most fascinating porter of their lives!

HOLY SHIT, PEOPLE!!! Travis has stepped into the holy land... Avery!!! In lovely and picturesque Boulder, CO! SO MANY amazing beers. The perfect way to end his trip to Colorado. And we taste their bounty of perfectly crafted and hard to find brews! #Beergasm!

Full disclosure? This is the most drunk Travis or Tyson has ever been on FNF. It's a legit shit show as they try to get down a plethora of gross convenience store beer. JUST LIKE OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WANTED! "MURICA!!!

RRRRAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! METAL!!!!!! James and Travis rock out with their cocks out on some brutal beer at Colorado's finest heavy metal themed brewery.

Travis braves jet lag and runny dumps in the sky to come to Denver, Co. - home of great beer and Tivoli Brewing. He is joined by Eliot and James as they traverse beer, sloppy burgers and jokes about ghost cum. Y'know... the normal stuff for this show.

Ain't nobody gonna break-a my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no... I got to keep on DRINKIN'! Travis flies solo as he explores what wonders lie at Half Lion in Sumner, WA.

BY THE MIGHTY HAMMER OF THOR, WE ARE DRUNKS! Travis and Shawn check out the bounty of bodacious beers offered up by Tukwila's hidden gem! Beer so good, you'll smash your glass on the ground and yell "ANOTHER!" But for seriously, don't do that.

Travis and Scott get totally weird with it at Bellingham's newest brewery. Follow us down the rabbit hole...

This week's episode takes Travis east of the mountains to Spokane, WA where he meets up with friends to discuss naked river aquatics, the consumption of malt beverages and, of course, to drink the fine beers that only No-Li can provide!

'Sup, brah? Travis and Jay take a trip to where the 90's never died and have some PNW foundation craft beers!

A rare gem! A hidden mystery! A guy slinging homebrew out of his garage! Travis and Chad strap on the helmets of bravery and truth to taste the rarest of the species... a Jalapeno beer that doesn't taste like asscrack.

Comixbrew's own Josh joins Travis as they battle the perils of a completely gentrified 6th Ave in Tacoma to taste the bounty that only E9 has to offer! And we learn about "sounding"... unfortunately.

Travis is joined by Alexis as they parooze the selection of summer beers at one of Seattle's most established breweries. Sessions, IPA's and sours galore!

After the insanity of Day 3 of ECCC 2016, Travis and 99.9 KISW's The Men's Room's own Steve "The Thrill" Hill take down some much needed flights of beer. They explore racism, the excitement of pure ignorance and muppet dick size. Join them!

Travis and Aron explore the wonders of the all gluten-free Ghostfish. Beer is drank. Pizza is eaten. Hilarity ensues.

Travis is joined once again by Tyson as they coast through the friendly (and delicious) skies of Airways Brewing in Kent, WA. Is that turbulence?! Naw, it's just burps.

Travis and Aaron sail the high seas of beer. Yo Ho ho and a bag of thinly veiled gay jokes!

To celebrate St. Patty's, Travis and Sarah get blitzed in their living room! And Travis convinces Sarah to drink whiskey... AND SHE HATES WHISKEY! All sorts of fun here! May the road rise to meet ye!

Travis and Michael Daley explore the dense flavor forest that is Tacoma Brewing Co. While Mike thinks this hair cannot compare with Travis', he has much more stock in those chops... a feat Travis could never, on his best day, attain!

More bagel dogs, bad dick jokes and even some fancy special effects! Not really. I mean, there are effects, they just aren't fancy. ENJOY!

OH! It's a plethora of cock jokes, beer and tubed meat products as Travis is joined by Christine Cain on a madcap adventure down the slippery slope to full blown alcoholism! And there's titties! Sort of.

Travis and his intrepid hetero-lifemate Tyson embark on a journey into the unknown! They venture into the realm of North 47 in Browns Point... and they find magic of the beer persuasion! Join us!


Part DEUX of our Top gun themed episode... Double IPA's and experimental beers galore!

Travis is joined by James Stowe once again as they enjoy a cavalcade of tasty (and not so tasty) libations of the beerish persuasion in the shadow of the Tacoma Dome!

Travis flies solo on this episode as he delves into a Seattle brewery he's NEVER FUCKING HEARD OF!!! It's got awesome rotating food trucks, amazing beer and is totally dog friendly. And it's home to one of the best beers Travis has ever tasted... for serious.

PART 2 of our trip to 3 Magnets in Olympia, WA. And Dylan gets hammered!

In this lovely episode, Travis is joined by Dylan and John (Arc Reactions Podcast) as they traverse the beer selection of Olympia's own 3 Magnets Brewing! And Dylan snorts beer up his nose!

Travis is joined by his buddy Casey Cain as they attack mammoth meaty burgers and wash them down with solid brews! 

Travis is joined by friend, contemporary and fellow beer geek James Stowe as they head to Odd Otter Brewing in Tacoma, WA. 

In our inaugural episode, Travis and the lovely Sarah Hamel explore EVERY BEER in the Burnside line up! It's a journey... into beer... and sexual innuendo... and burping. PROST!